More ramblings and design decisions!

Maty et Ben -118

When I set up this website a few years ago I intended to add weekly blog entries at a minimum but judging by the current number of entries in my blog we can all see that I failed miserably at that task! I do however have some excuses but I will not use them this time…

Going forward, I will post a picture or video blog entry after each event. That will help me with the picture selection on my site because it’s very difficult to choose from the thousands of pictures I have on my 20+ hard drives. I believe the job will be easier if I select the best 5 to 10 pictures of each event. That will also keep the site more lively and up to date.

I refreshed all the pictures today as well and that is part of what led me to make these decisions.

I did 2 events this past weekend  (a prom and a surprise party) so stand by for the pictures!

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