Free download issues….

Some of our event guests have a hard time downloading pictures free of charge as advertised for some events. I just went through the entire process and captured some screen shots with some explanations. I hope this helps going forward. Note that there is more than one way to skin a cat (disclaimer: I will never harm a cat) so there are more than a few ways to do this based on where you are in the photo gallery.

The process is really simple:

1 – Select your pictures.

2 – Select the action you want which is download in this case.

3 – Complete the form with your email address and check out.

4 – Check your email for the download link.

5 – Download your pictures and enjoy!

Here are the step by step instructions from the homepage in a PDF document.

How to download your pictures

You can stop reading right here but if you want to know more…. keep reading.

This site was setup to sell event pictures so like any store, we need to track orders and customers.

After some events such as weddings and graduations, brides and customers want to share photos with family and friends near and far. We offer to help in this endeavor by allowing guests to download pictures at no cost but since this is an online store customers have to actually buy…. but the cost is $ 0.

That is the same reason why there are store rebates. Manufacturers do not allow store to give away merchandise so you purchase at the maximum allowed discount and then you are sent a check a few days or weeks later in the mail and you may end up with the product for free or close to it.

Here, we go through this entire process in minutes and you only need to provide a valid email address to enjoy your full resolution pictures free of charge.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your pictures.

Lilian’s fabulous 50!

Dearest Lilian,

Congratulations on turning 50! It was a beautiful party and I promise you that I did not know “they” were planning a surprise party for you! I hope you still enjoyed it in spite of the huge surprise!

Congratulations again and 50 more years at least!

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Lilian Fomunung -3 Lilian Fomunung -414 Lilian Fomunung -453