Time to catch up!

It’s been an incredibly busy summer and a long time since my last post. What have I been doing over the last 10 or so months?

  • Travelled to 3 continents.
  • Worked over 40 events.
  • Equipment upgrades:
    • New Korg PA600 Arranger keyboard. May do a quick review if I find some time. It’s a great arranger workstation!
    • New Soundcraft SI Impact digital mixer to replace my older Tascam TM-D mixers which are about to go for sale on letgo.
    • New Dj controllers for Serato and Traktor! Yes, I still mess around with Traktor. All my Atlanta DJs are on Serato. Just sold my Pioneer DDJ-SX. Upgraded to Denon MCX 8000 to rely less on laptops. I’ll report back after a few gigs under my belt. Planning to show off my small Traktor setup with the Z1, X1 and F1!
    • Finally replaced my two Panasonic AF-100s and GH3 cameras with a Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera. Now I know why it was so expensive! Excellent 1080P picture!
    • I have some equipment on the chopping block. Please make me some offers:
      • Native Instruments Kontrol S4 Mk II controller.
      • Sony A7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera with 28 – 70 Kit lens and 50mm 1.8.
      • Panasonic AG-AC 90. Very good condition and excellent in low light. Need to sell because I need SDI outputs for live event switching and streaming. Planning to upgrade to Panasonic AG-AC 160 or similar.
      • Gemini MDJ1000. I have 2 of these for sale. I think they suck! Upgraded to the latest firmware but they still don’t do anything well. Barely play CDs…. Struggle with USB keys… It was Iffy with Traktor as a controller. I had to do my own mapping but it worked somewhat. The specs are excellent but in practice do not work as expected. Avoid like the plague! I have never been able to complete a 1 hour dj set without a glitch. First person with 300 bucks can take them both. I paid 700 for them!

So, yes, I’ve been too busy to add posts about every event as intented but I am looking forward to taking better control of my schedule!


C U L8R!

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