New Pricing and rules in effect!

Hello and welcome to another blog post.

As I have been telling all of you, I finally updated my website with more current pricing information. We as a company are also going to work a bit differently going forward. Here are the major changes we made:

  1. Very slight pricing increase.
  2. We’re going to start enforcing time limits on events. We can work with you for long events but working 12 straight hours without any extra compensation will no longer happen. Going forward, the pricing is for 6 hour max not including setup and tear down time. That’s still better than the US industry average of 4 hours. We will revise pricing down accordingly for shorter events.
  3. Payment.  Payment is due before the event and when we agree to collect payment on the day of the event it has to be the first order of business on that day and not the last. This has been abused by lots of customers unfortunately. We accept all forms or payment for your convenience.
  4. Special music, special performances, etc. Please provide us with your specific requested music a least 2 days before the event but earlier would be better. If you will have a singer or other musician perform please inform us so we can have appropriate equipment for them. We will simply say NO for any requests while we are working.  plugging your phone is also no longer accepted.
  5. Good news. It’s not all tough and gloom. We will continue to provide you with the best service in Atlanta and wherever you need us. We performed several equipment upgrades to allow us to provide you even better photos and better sound.

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