New Pricing and rules in effect!

Hello and welcome to another blog post.

As I have been telling all of you, I finally updated my website with more current pricing information. We as a company are also going to work a bit differently going forward. Here are the major changes we made:

  1. Very slight pricing increase.
  2. We’re going to start enforcing time limits on events. We can work with you for long events but working 12 straight hours without any extra compensation will no longer happen. Going forward, the pricing is for 6 hour max not including setup and tear down time. That’s still better than the US industry average of 4 hours. We will revise pricing down accordingly for shorter events.
  3. Payment.  Payment is due before the event and when we agree to collect payment on the day of the event it has to be the first order of business on that day and not the last. This has been abused by lots of customers unfortunately. We accept all forms or payment for your convenience.
  4. Special music, special performances, etc. Please provide us with your specific requested music a least 2 days before the event but earlier would be better. If you will have a singer or other musician perform please inform us so we can have appropriate equipment for them. We will simply say NO for any requests while we are working.  plugging your phone is also no longer accepted.
  5. Good news. It’s not all tough and gloom. We will continue to provide you with the best service in Atlanta and wherever you need us. We performed several equipment upgrades to allow us to provide you even better photos and better sound.

Time to catch up!

It’s been an incredibly busy summer and a long time since my last post. What have I been doing over the last 10 or so months?

  • Travelled to 3 continents.
  • Worked over 40 events.
  • Equipment upgrades:
    • New Korg PA600 Arranger keyboard. May do a quick review if I find some time. It’s a great arranger workstation!
    • New Soundcraft SI Impact digital mixer to replace my older Tascam TM-D mixers which are about to go for sale on letgo.
    • New Dj controllers for Serato and Traktor! Yes, I still mess around with Traktor. All my Atlanta DJs are on Serato. Just sold my Pioneer DDJ-SX. Upgraded to Denon MCX 8000 to rely less on laptops. I’ll report back after a few gigs under my belt. Planning to show off my small Traktor setup with the Z1, X1 and F1!
    • Finally replaced my two Panasonic AF-100s and GH3 cameras with a Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera. Now I know why it was so expensive! Excellent 1080P picture!
    • I have some equipment on the chopping block. Please make me some offers:
      • Native Instruments Kontrol S4 Mk II controller.
      • Sony A7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera with 28 – 70 Kit lens and 50mm 1.8.
      • Panasonic AG-AC 90. Very good condition and excellent in low light. Need to sell because I need SDI outputs for live event switching and streaming. Planning to upgrade to Panasonic AG-AC 160 or similar.
      • Gemini MDJ1000. I have 2 of these for sale. I think they suck! Upgraded to the latest firmware but they still don’t do anything well. Barely play CDs…. Struggle with USB keys… It was Iffy with Traktor as a controller. I had to do my own mapping but it worked somewhat. The specs are excellent but in practice do not work as expected. Avoid like the plague! I have never been able to complete a 1 hour dj set without a glitch. First person with 300 bucks can take them both. I paid 700 for them!

So, yes, I’ve been too busy to add posts about every event as intented but I am looking forward to taking better control of my schedule!


C U L8R!

Free download issues….

Some of our event guests have a hard time downloading pictures free of charge as advertised for some events. I just went through the entire process and captured some screen shots with some explanations. I hope this helps going forward. Note that there is more than one way to skin a cat (disclaimer: I will never harm a cat) so there are more than a few ways to do this based on where you are in the photo gallery.

The process is really simple:

1 – Select your pictures.

2 – Select the action you want which is download in this case.

3 – Complete the form with your email address and check out.

4 – Check your email for the download link.

5 – Download your pictures and enjoy!

Here are the step by step instructions from the homepage in a PDF document.

How to download your pictures

You can stop reading right here but if you want to know more…. keep reading.

This site was setup to sell event pictures so like any store, we need to track orders and customers.

After some events such as weddings and graduations, brides and customers want to share photos with family and friends near and far. We offer to help in this endeavor by allowing guests to download pictures at no cost but since this is an online store customers have to actually buy…. but the cost is $ 0.

That is the same reason why there are store rebates. Manufacturers do not allow store to give away merchandise so you purchase at the maximum allowed discount and then you are sent a check a few days or weeks later in the mail and you may end up with the product for free or close to it.

Here, we go through this entire process in minutes and you only need to provide a valid email address to enjoy your full resolution pictures free of charge.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your pictures.

Lilian’s fabulous 50!

Dearest Lilian,

Congratulations on turning 50! It was a beautiful party and I promise you that I did not know “they” were planning a surprise party for you! I hope you still enjoyed it in spite of the huge surprise!

Congratulations again and 50 more years at least!

Click here to see the rest of the pictures


Lilian Fomunung -3 Lilian Fomunung -414 Lilian Fomunung -453

More ramblings and design decisions!

Maty et Ben -118

When I set up this website a few years ago I intended to add weekly blog entries at a minimum but judging by the current number of entries in my blog we can all see that I failed miserably at that task! I do however have some excuses but I will not use them this time…

Going forward, I will post a picture or video blog entry after each event. That will help me with the picture selection on my site because it’s very difficult to choose from the thousands of pictures I have on my 20+ hard drives. I believe the job will be easier if I select the best 5 to 10 pictures of each event. That will also keep the site more lively and up to date.

I refreshed all the pictures today as well and that is part of what led me to make these decisions.

I did 2 events this past weekend  (a prom and a surprise party) so stand by for the pictures!